Posted on 19-jul-2020

Facio Innovations Technology

Planned server upgrade

To all our cherished customers hosting their website on the server labelled "Server", we are performing an upgrade to give you more power. This upgrade might last for the next 2 hours but could take 24 hours until all websites are fully propagated.

Among other things that are upgraded are

1. Processor upgrade to a higher processor that is 3x faster and powerful than the current processor🥳

2. Memory (RAM) has been upgraded to DDR4 (twice as fast as the previous DDR3 memory) and the capacity doubled🥰

3. SSD drive has been upgraded from SSD to Nvme drive which is about 4X faster. 🤩

This means a higher limit for all websites. No more io errors or out of memory errors. 💪
The server name is now changed from generic server to "brave".

For those hosting on "server", the upgrade is going to take place on 25th July 2020.
If you face any if issue during the upgrade, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Stay tuned for more update #serverupgrade #faciotechgh
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